Enjoy year-round profits by drying your harvest without compromising quality

Our Ramandev Mobile Dehydrator allows you to preserve up to 5,000 lbs of fresh or frozen produce per day at your farm or facility. It offers a simple, local, and cost-effective way to turn all your produce (including your surpluses, culls, and discards) into dried products of the highest nutritional quality.

This mobile dryer can turn all types of produce into profits, including:

  • Fresh produce
  • Frozen produce
  • Cosmetically ‘imperfect’ fruits and vegetables (i.e., culls)
  • Surplus produce
  • Pomace or pulp left after pressing fruit such as apples, berries, and grapes.

Who buys dried fruits and vegetables?

With an increasing interest in healthy foods, the natural and organic foods sector is growing steadily.  Because dried produce is shelf-stable, it is used in processed foods such as soups, instant meals, breakfast cereals, and pet food. Dried fruits are also delicious premium snacks! Even by-products such as pomace (which is packed with nutrients) can be dried and re-purposed for smoothy mix powders and capsules.


3 Drying Options

to suit your needs

Buy a dryer for your farm + dry for local growers
  • Expand your revenue stream by becoming a drying host or a food drying hub by offering drying services to other growers and processors in your area.
Rent or lease a dryer
  • This affordable option allows businesses to rent or lease our drying system on-site.
Strike a deal at a local drying hub
  • If there is a food drying hub in your vicinity, you can broker a deal with the host processor to dry your products on their site.