In drying foods, the challenge is to keep an even temperature around 50 degrees Celsius, so you stop degradation and do not loose the phytochemicals. In many drying systems the basic level of nutrients may be preserved but not the phytochemicals. As, intake air comes from outside the dehydrator which means some nutritional value is lost when the air is drawn out. With RMD closed-loop model, the flavors cannot escape. Recirculation of air also makes RMD energy efficient.

The dryer is housed in a shipping container that has doors on both ends. The heat-pump system is accessible from one end and the drying chamber is accessible from the other end. A forklift is required to put the dryer on a flat-bed trailer. No installation is required, the dryer is already in a self-contained storage container. After moving to a new site, the dryer may simply be plugged in and is ready to use.

High-quality product: The Ramandev Mobile Dehydrator is designed to preserve nutrients, color, flavor, aroma and bioactive compounds. Processors can dry a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Low-temperature, closed-loop dehydration is a proven industry process.

Multiple ways to access the dryer: The dryer is transportable. The dryer comes in its own container and does not require additional indoor space, thus there is no building footprint. The “plug and play” design means there is no installation costs. This cuts down on setting up time.   The drying system is like any refrigeration system. If there are problems, any refrigeration repair technologist could service the dryer. A grower does not have to make a large investment to preserve his produce. A grower need not purchase a dryer but could rent a dryer (short term) or lease a dryer (long term), so that they do not have to make a large capital investment and there is no dead investment through the non-growing season. With easy access to food drying options, a grower does not have to dispose or waste excess fresh produce or transport this to another location. Rather than having to pay a hauler to get rid of what would be wasted excess food, the grower can have a value-added product. 

Designed here in BC, Canada, dryer has been patented, fabrication could be outsourced.

There will be 20-foot, 10-foot and 5-foot shipping container RMD’s available for both temperate and tropical regions.

A 20-foot shipping container RMD will have 3,500 sq ft drying area for drying up to 5000 pounds per batch. Each batch is approximately 24-hours at 50C drying temperature.

The dryer should be located away from potential sources of environmental contaminants, such as, smoke or chemical pollution. Food safety standards require seller of the end food product to verify and address any health and food safety concerns.  The RMD allows for continued monitoring of moisture and water levels during the drying process which will provide appropriate data to verify dried food products meet food safety standards. (For more information see Instruction Manual.)