Mobile Dehydrator

Our turnkey dehydration unit allows you to dry your fruits and vegetables fresh on site so that you can maximize profits from your entire harvest.

How does it work?

Our patented low temperature drying system uses a heat pump to heat the air in the container to an even 50-60°C. It has a closed-loop design, meaning it is a closed system where the air within the container is recirculated so that no air (or flavour!) can escape while the water is slowly drained out. This gentle drying process locks in sensitive nutrients & bioactive compounds and helps preserve the colour, flavour, aroma, and texture of the produce.

Mobile design

Our patented dehydrator lives in a 20-foot storage container that can be put wherever you want it to be; all it needs is an electric outlet. Because the dryer is containerized, it can be moved around easily without requiring disassembly.  With 3500 sq ft of drying area, our dehydrator can dry up to 5000 pounds of fresh produce per batch into high-quality dried products. Each cycle takes 24 hours to complete.

How does it stack up to competitors?

There is always a certain level of nutritional loss when fresh produce is transformed into its dry form. Our proprietary method is unique because it successfully retains most of the products’ bio-active compounds. It also preserves the original taste, color, and structure of the produce. There are other, less gentle drying methods to extract water from produce, such as freeze-drying or microwave vacuum drying, but these methods are not as effective at preserving the overall product quality. Freeze-dried fruits, for instance, not only lose much of their flavour and aroma profile–they also lack texture and mouthfeel.


Our dryer re-uses heated air, making it very energy efficient. The resulting dried products are shelf-stable, so they do not need to be refrigerated.


Our dryer enables you to turn your by-products, culls, and surplus produce into minimally processed high-quality products. This translates to less food waste and more profits for you!


With a growing market in health foods, the demand for high-quality dried produce is increasing. Since your dried products are not season dependent, you will be able to sell your harvest year-round, which allows you to price your products competitively.


This dryer is proudly designed in BC, Canada, making it a great solution to global agricultural businesses.